Come visit Byron Bay - the ultimate Surf Location with great waves - and experience the easy-going and relaxed atmosphere where cool surfers, backpackers and old-settled locals meet!
Surfers may argue over whether the finest wave can be found at
  • Tallows
  • Main Beach
  • Belongil
  • or elsewhere along the Byron Bay coast!

Byron Bay's activity offer beside the great Oz surf:
    • go diving (skin & scuba)
    • other water sports: kayaking sailing
    • great Oz pubs and bear bars
    • nature walks
    • challenging and easy mountain bike tours

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The unarguable factor here has always been
            -> the vibe with
  • kombi vans
  • dreadlocks and cool surfer
  • leather jewellery
  • communal drumming -> the subtle waft of marijuana smoke
Feel the freedom of a collective feeling that there’s nothing to do tomorrow but get up and do it all again still belong here as nowhere else. 

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