• What is the Surf Spot Rating about?
       The Spot Rating is a general guide on how good a wave is. Members can give spots a rating to 
       help  inform others.
  • Adding an Existing Surf Spot ? 
       You can add an existing spot by dropping a comment. We will update the map ASAP.
  • What about Secret Spots?
       Please do not post Secret Spots. The purpose of the spot map is not to list every 
       spot on the planet but to be a  good general listing. If in doubt please do not post a spot. 
       If a spot has been posted that you consider to be a secret spot please let us know so we 
      can assess it and remove it if necessary.
  • How do I Upload an Image or Video to a certain Surf Spot? 
       We are always happy about new pics and videos ! If you want to share with us please send 
       us an email and we will post it asap. 

    Still something missing ? - Contact us ! Thank you ! 
    We appreciate it !